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22 March
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Hippie, nerd and fangirl. Slytherin, INTJ, queer, pagan, vegan and all that good stuff. Obsessed with femslash, astronomy, drag queens and cats. Recently moved to Northern Ireland from Finland. I use this journal for fandom & artsy stuff mostly.

I you need help running a femslash fest (or something else you think I might be interested in), drop a message! I'm happy to make banners and whatnot.

(Updated: 06/08/2017)
abstract algebra, absurdist fiction, art, astronomy, astrophysics, avpm, babymetal, björk, books, brittana, celtic music, clannad, coding, coffee, comics, cosmology, crocheting, doctor who, doll$boxx, dostoyevsky, draco malfoy, draco/harry, drarry, earthsea, eino leino, elder scrolls, eluveitie, emilie autumn, emily dickinson, environment, environmental protection, enya, escapism, evanescence, fan fiction, fantasy, fencing, fleur delacour, fleur/hermione, florence + the machine, folk music, gaming, gay, ginny/pansy, glee, harold pinter, harry potter, harry/draco, hercule poirot, hermione granger, jane austen, kate rusby, kazuo ishiguro, keny arkana, knitting, korn, korpiklaani, lapland, lavender brown, leaves' eyes, lesbian, lgbt, lgbtq, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, lotr, m.i.a., manga, maria minerva, marine biology, martial arts, mathematics, maths, meditation, merri vik, metafiction, milan kundera, modern physics, moomins, music, nanowrimo, nature, nerdiness, nightwish, northern exposure, oliver/percy, paganism, pansexual, pansy parkinson, philosophy, physics, polyamory, power metal, programming, queer, rajaton, rammstein, reading, rose and rosie, russian literature, santana lopez, sarah waters, shakira, sherlock, sirius/remus, skyrim, slytherin, snow, spiritual, sumio shiratori, system of a down, t.a.t.u., taekwondo, tarot, tea, the sugarcubes, theoretical physics, tolkien, undertale, veganism, winter, within temptation, writing, xkcd, yoga, youtube, zadie smith

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