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Claiming all the stuff I made for Sapphic Stockings in hpsapphicappeal! Sorry for the spam. :D

Title: Anticipation
Pairing: Lavender Brown/Pansy Parkinson
Rating: R
Warnings: NSFW, nudity, strap-on
Medium: Digital
Summary: Drawn for nearlyconscious for Sapphic Stockings 2017! Original post here.

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One more gift from me! Here's a doodle that I did of you in your house uniform a few weeks back, lol.

Happy Solstice/Christmas/holidays, my lovely friend lenapinewoods! Enjoy bumming about reading all the fanfic because you deserve it after all the work on your thesis!

Ravenclaw-clad LenaCollapse )


Title: Study Date (I know, I'm so imaginative with these!)
Recipient: nearlyconscious
Artist: kiertorata
Medium: Digital, Clip Studio Paint
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Padma Patil
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: A cosy study date in the library.
Artist's notes: It was such a pleasure to make this for you! Hope you have a wonderful holiday time :) Woohoo, attempts at making gifs! (If it doesn't play it might be because of the LJ cut, click to view!)

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Title: Christmas Decorations
Recipient: evening12
Artist: kiertorata
Medium: Digital, Clip Studio Paint
Pairing: Remus Lupin/Sirius Black
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: "You look nice here."
Artist's Notes: Yay, thanks for prompting me to create for what used to be my OTP for years! I love these guys, everything about them just makes my heart smile. Coolness: No reference photos or models used! Yay, progress with my art! Hope you have a fantastic holiday!

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Title: Christmas in the Dragons' Den
Recipient: lenapinewoods
Author: kiertorata
Pairing: Neville Longbottom/mystery Slytherin, highlight if you want to spoil yourself: *all of them, kind of, but Blaise Zabini in particular*
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 8500 words (I know right! So much more than I usually manage!)
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Warnings and contents: language, references to break-up and character death, alcohol (this fic is mostly about drinking, you have been warned), handjobs, blowjob, bisexuality, slash, het and femslash
Summary: Neville is not quite sure how he ends up spending Christmas with Draco Malfoy and his friends, but what starts out as a miserable night turns out to be not that bad after all.
Notes: Dear Lena! You have the best prompts, and we have pretty similar tastes in fic, so it was such a pleasure to write for you. This is a Christmas fic and it stars Neville like you hoped, and I managed to throw in some party games too, so I hope you like it! This was incredibly fun to write, and I'm just really thankful for you challenging me to write something, because it let me pour all my holiday stress, pent up homesickness and melancholy into something that was actually productive. Beta-ed by the lovely midoriyue on a short notice! Any mistakes remaining are mine. And thanks to Helen for the helpful feedback! Happy holidays to anyone who reads this!

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I received the loveliest art as a gift in the sshg_giftfest!

Shield by ???
G | Hermione/Severus | copic inks and uniball singo gel pen on mixed paper | implied violence
Summary: Long after the war should have ended, Severus and Hermione continue to fight against the darkness and shield each other from harm.
Why I loved it? Severus and Hermione looking badass and working together to fight evil, NEED I SAY MORE? This piece just made me so happy when I saw it. It presents this pairing in my favorite way and I love the color choices and the contrast of the dynamic, dreamlike background with their bold figures. Their poses and the coloring are spot on and the whole piece just has a striking, dark atmosphere to it which is very powerful.

banner by capitu


I participated in interhouse_fest for the first time this year. (Here's my bit of art for the fest, Hermione/Tonks, PG.) I did a pretty decent job in keeping up with the works posted (despite my phone internet prohibiting viewing the comm due to "adult" content, lol), although I have to admit that I still haven't read the longest fic in the fest (sorry!) and got a little sloppy with the commenting at the end of the fest. I was meaning to do this rec list a few days back before the reveals, but oh well! More efficient this way, I guess, since I don't have to go back and add authors. There were a lot of great works in the fest - here's a few of ones that stood out for me and why!

Stay by thewaterfalcon
NC-17 | 3k | Pansy Parkinson/Neville Longbottom
Why I loved it? This story was paced beautifully and the writing style was subtle but gorgeous. I loved how Pansy was just so vulnerable in this, and Neville was patient and stable and exactly what she needed. I was tearful at the end of this.

Famous for Being Good-Looking by sw33tch3rrypi3
PG-13 | 15k | Oliver Wood/Pansy Parkinson
Why I loved it? Sw33tCh3rryPi3 took two characters that I headcanon as gay and made a romance between them work so damn well. This story was entertaining, funny and well-written. Friendship is one of my favorite, if not favorite, theme to read about. Oliver and Pansy's friendship in this was just golden, and that itself is a reason to read this story.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Lovegood by nightfalltwen
R | 4k | George Weasley/Luna Lovegood
Why I loved it? Nightfalltwen did a really good job depicting George's brokenness and wrote one of the best Lunas I've read. I loved how Luna didn't attempt to save George, but was ready to be there when he decided to pick up his own pieces and start to heal.

All the Muggle Things by realmer06
PG | 2k | Justin Flinch-Fletchey, Hermione Granger
Why I loved it? This story was just so ON POINT! It was funny and canon-compliant and gave us a glimpse of a Justin that the books didn't have time for.

October by professordrarry
R | 16k | Oliver Wood/Marcus Flint
Why I loved it? This is such an impressive story to have written within the time constraint - it was both lengthy and well-realized, with an amazing job done with the characterization of both boys. Marcus was written in such an intriguing and depthful way. I'm a sucker for anything bittersweet, and this story just had that subtle, sad undertone to it the whole time (and let's not even talk about the ending).

A Regal Affair by fangqueen
NC-17 | 5k | Cormac McLaggan/Draco Malfoy
Why I loved it? I had my eye on this prompt but fangqueen snatched it before me - and I'm so glad they did! This was everything I could have hoped for with the prompt. Both Cormac and Draco were HILARIOUS, and I was cracking up at Cormac's confusion and vanity and Draco's cunning the whole time.

banner by capitu


Time for an uplifting journal update to keep my motivation up. I'm currently participating in an online game jam, Ludum Dare. It's been a bit of a roller coaster so far. This is the first time I'm making a jam game alone! (Well, my brother might make some music for it tomorrow if he has time, but other than that, I'm alone.) I'm usually in charge of the graphics in a team, although I've done programming (badly) for a game in two jams (and games were full of bugs and barely worked). The jam started at 2 AM my local time, but I got up at 8 after a good night's sleep. How I've spent my time so far:

  • thinking about what the hell I'm going to make when the theme is "the more you have, the worse it is"

  • coffee, juice and a sandwich at kaffe-o

  • deciding this is the jam where I'm going to learn how to use Godot (a free, open-source game engine)

  • marvelling at what a great program Aseprite is and playing around with it until some hours later I decide that my attempts at pixel art are horrible and I should just stick to something I'm already good at

  • looking at hp fests on livejournal for the better part of the day

  • fighting my crappy mood

  • making an animation title screen thing!

  • listening to loads of Bossfight!

  • finally getting the idea to a place where I'm happy with it

  • updating Twitter more than is acceptable with my amount of progress

The game I'm making is about depression and self-love. I'm actually pretty hyped about the idea at this point, but I just need to start aggressively watching all the tutorials I can to actually get it together.

And here's some little icons that will be in the game:

BACK TO WORK. Hopefully I'll get this done.


banner by capitu

I wish I had heard of this before yesterday, but anyway, jumping onto the bandwagon! So many works to enjoy and comment on this month so might as well play! GO SLYTHERIN!

Have I recently told you how much I LOVE FANDOM. <333 Seriously, the amount of love and work people put into creating amazing things, and the lovely discussions improve the quality of my life LOADS. Particularly recently when I've been feeling kind of down and homesick, all the holiday fics and art have helped me so much!

THANK YOU <3 (to anyone reading this!)


Sapphic Stockings are back for another year! Drop by hpsapphicappeal and post your wishes for people to leave you Harry Potter Femmeslash goodies!

HOW COOL IS THIS? I never heard of this fest before, but it's possibly the most awesome thing ever. Join. Like now.

Other stuff.

So many holiday fests coming up! I've been trying to keep up with
interhouse_fest (not really a holiday fest & should mostly be over before December) but even reading and commenting everything in ONE fest is proving a struggle. We'll see how it goes when sshg_giftfest and hd_erised start posting in December...  (SSHG tends to generate particularly long fics.) And the Winter Exchange at rarepair_shorts! And mini_fest (which I spontaneously ended up drawing something for tonight, yay). I'm pretty sure I'll be reading holiday fics in June, lol.

Glad I only signed up for the
rarepair_shorts Winter Exchange this holiday season. It's nice to just draw and write things without deadlines when I feel like it and sit back and enjoy the works that are being posted.



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