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Here’s my pretty meh first attempt at digital painting! I made it around 1-2 weeks ago. As you can see, it’s unfinished (I got too fed up with it to bother with the rest of the hair and the area from below the neck lol). I’m mostly posting this as reference, to log my progress if I indeed make progress. I was too lazy to bother with tutorials and reference images, so this truly reflects my very n00b understanding of how light and shadows and the whole painting thing works.

It’s not awful, but there is something about it that isn’t quite there. The image is kind of flat, which is probably a result of both not understanding when to use warm and cool tones and focusing too much on detail to make things dynamic. But it’s a decent enough attempt, and took around ~4-5 hours. I only worked with the two oil brushes that Clip Studio Pro comes with.

Although the painting is nothing special, I really love the draft! I’d love to give the character a story.

It’s tempting to stick to a comfortable comic style - the sheer amount of things I need to learn to become a decent painter is kind of depressing - but I will try to motivate myself to learn more. Some time in the near future: tutorials, drawing from real life, all that shizzle. Yay.
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