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(Thought I'd start posting gamedev stuff here. This will be my general creative blog from now on, not just restricted to fandom stuff. Just so you know, lol.)

Currently participating in Global Game Jam 2017. I teamed up with J, someone I vaguely know from uni, (vaguely as in coffee and VVVVVV randomly two weeks ago) and we’re making a Microwave Oven Simulator.

My original idea transformed from “cool sunglasses-dude makes a mess in the kitchen” to “1800s loving husband painstakingly attempts to cook dinner for his wife”.

I’m making retrostyle pixel art with a 4 bit color palette. Basically: obscenely horrible crap inspired very much by the oh-so-dreadful graphics in the Hugo House of Horrors series. (Shares first place in my Most Nostalgic Games from Childhood with Neopets and Super Bubble Pop.)

The script J wrote is hilarious and I’m still hyped after what, seven hours? That’s definitely a good sign.

Gonna finish up graphics tomorrow and maybe try my hand at animation. Expect a very creepy gif of a pale dude speaking sometime during the next 24 hours.

Sleep time now. (After mandatory 1-2 games of Osu!)

PS. The image is our title screen.

Tags: art, gamedev, gamejam, pixelart
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