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Dear wonderful person!

So you're creating something for me for a fest? Firstly, THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are amazing. I will appreciate your work, no matter what it is. Before you proceed to read the novel below, I want to say that you should write/draw something that you are comfortable with. Feel uncomfortable writing humor? Don't! Don't like any of the ships I like? Write something else!

That being said, you might feel like you need some help in figuring out what to create. That's what this post is for. I've seen posts on people's journals, where they list preferences and such, and thought I'd do one too.


I love dialogue-heavy fics with humor. This doesn't mean that a fic has to be all comedy - darker topics can be approached with humor too.

When it comes to romance, slow build-up is definitely my thing. And while romance is always awesome, I don't usually like reading fics that are pure fluff.

If you can pull off a fun adventure fic with romance - I SALUTE YOU. Fun adventure fics with romance are my favorite things ever.

I'm not keen on next-gen fics (I've never read a single fic about them), and I'm not particularly interested in reading about the Hogwarts teachers' youth either. (But you never know! Maybe I just need to give it a try.) Founders interest me and the Marauders are amazing, but mostly I tend to stick with Harry's generation. Hogwarts and post-Hogwarts are both great.

I absolutely adore Pansy, so any fic where her character is given some depth will probably melt my heart. I also really love Narcissa, Fleur and Lavender. I'm pretty much a sucker for any princess-like character, especially with bitchy tendencies.

Some of my favorite ships and how I see them


Ginny/Pansy - Both girls are bitchy, fun, and love each other fiercely. I perceive Pansy as 100% gay, and Ginny as bisexual or I-just-like-to-fuck-people-do-you-have-a-problem-with-that -sexual. There should be some (ehem, lots of) tension between them. My post-Hogwarts vision of Pansy tends to be quite academic. I've totally adopted eloiselovelace's idea that Pansy is an Arithmancy expert.

Hermione/Fleur - I love it when they're a team, standing by each other and going on adventures together. They have fierce intellectual chemistry, are passionate about changing the world - but no relationship exists without its conflicts.

Narcissa/Hermione - Two intelligent women with differing world-views. How can you bring them together? I'm sure you'll think of something, dear writer/artist.

Narcissa/pretty much anyone (except her sisters) - Narcissa is such a versatile, interesting, amazing character. Do whatever you'd like with her!

Fleur/any female character - Did I already mention how much I love Fleur? Well, I do. And I'm convinced other ladies do too.

Parvati/Lavender - Mnnn, that age-old cliché friends-to-lovers. I love it when this ship focuses on one or both of the characters figuring out their sexuality.

Hermione/Lavender - If you can pull this off, please do! I have only read a couple of fics about them, and I can't wait to read more!

Pansy/Daphne - I haven't read almost any fics about them, but I'm definitely curious!

Lavender/Pansy - Likewise haven't read much of this, but I think it could be a great ship. Queens of gossip bonding and whatnot.


Harry/Draco - I love Harry as the moody, gay, clueless but possessive stalker, and Draco as someone melodramatic, bitchy, hilarious and completely in denial. I love long fics, where Harry in particular is aware of his feelings (ahem, desires) for a long time until something happens. I'm not into particularly fluffy fics when it comes to these boys. The physical aspect of the relationship is important.

Percy/Oliver - Percy is such an underrated character! I like to read fics where his personality, behavior and motivations are really explored in depth. A character doesn't have to be likeable to be interesting! Despite this, I do like it when I am able to sympathize with Percy. Oliver I see as an easy-going, outdoorsy Quidditch-man, as I'm sure the rest of the fandom does too.

Sirius/Remus - Humor is key! I'm not too particular about plot here, I've liked nearly all of the Sirius/Remus fics that I've read. I like Sirius as somewhat exaggerated, with crazy humor and a good amount of vanity, but with a spot of insecurity when it comes to Remus. Remus is bookish, more quiet, but has a dark, humorous side. In my opinion, Sirius is 100% gay but the whole school is in denial about it. Remus's sexuality is more complex. I love Marauder fics that focus on the friendship of all four.

Sirius/Snape - I just discovered this pairing recently and fell in love. Snark and hate-sex, oh yes.

Harry/Snape - I'm rather picky about this ship, since it's very difficult to write convincingly. I prefer quite dark fics when it comes to these two. No chan though, please. (17-year-old Harry is fine.) Exploration of both characters' feelings about the age-gap would be interesting.


Hermione/Snape - Other than Fleur, I can't think of anyone who would better suit Hermione. Hermione needs someone who is her intellectual equal. Gotta love excessive amounts of brainy banter. Sapiosexuality for the win.

Harry/Hermione - I'm curious about this ship. Haven't read many of them, but could totally see it happening based on canon. If you can make it happen without Ron-bashing, you are pretty damn awesome.

Harry/Ron/Hermione - I like smut for this.

Other ships I find pretty ok:

Ginny/Angelina - Cute af
Ginny/Blaise - Gryffindor/Slytherin ships always work. Snarkiness and smut make a good combination.
Blaise/Draco - With this ship, I prefer a slightly goofy, funny Blaise and a bitchy Draco.
Harry/any male Weasley (except Percy and Arthur) - Harry/Bill is a particular turn-on of mine.
Remus/Snape - Something dark for this one.
James/Sirius - Mates-turned-lovers, nuff said?
James/Remus - Same applies here.
Dean/Seamus - And here.
Blaise/Neville - I've read one or two cute fics about these two and would love to read more.
Harry/Seamus - I'm pretty intrigued by this ship. I haven't found much of it.
Ginny/Luna - I used to not like this ship, but OMG that perfect fic by Cevennes completely changed my mind
Alicia/Angelina - Any combination of Alicia, Angelina and Katie is actually fine.

Some ships I just don't sail:

Draco/any female character unless it's temporary


Some things that I would LOVE to read/see:

- Bitchiness, snarky humor.
- Drama queen tendencies.
- Slytherin/any house ships.
- Family-themed stories, including adoption stories. Chosen family over real family stories.
- Friendship-themed stories. I really love it if a story is not just focused on one ship, but also gives insight into other characters' lives. (Such as Drarry stories with lots of interaction with Hermione, Ron, Pansy, Blaise, etc.)
- A character coming to terms with her/his sexuality or gender. Coming out and possibly having to deal with discrimination.
- Dealing with other issues, such as mental health issues. If you can write angst infused with humor, I truly worship you.
- Roommates.
- Roommates to lovers.
- Forced roommates to lovers.
- Forced bondings or other kinds of forced relationships, but in a way that the "forcing" comes from external sources (like Voldemort or an accident), not that two characters just happen to share a bond.
- Bedsharing.
- Fics taking place at wizarding university.
- School or studying playing a big role in the story.
- Research, academic themes.
- Spin the bottle and other drinking games. And drinking in general.
- Fake relationships.
- Dumbledore-bashing. There can never be enough Dumbledore-bashing. (OMG don't you just adore the comics by floccinaucinihilipilificationa?)
- Kinky sex. But plot comes first, smut second.
- Drag, genderbending.
- Realism in relationships. Ups and downs, ons and offs, all that good stuff.

Some things I don't like to see/read:

- Harem fics.
- Excessive or unrealistic jealousy.
- Waking up gay.
- Ginny-bashing.
- Ron-bashing. Sure he's a bit insensitive at times, but he's funny and a good friend.

As if that wasn't long enough, just a mini list of ships I sail in other fandoms. I'm 95% invested in the HP fandom, though.
My favorite characters in Glee are Santana and Kitty. (Gotta love them bitches <3)
Britney/Santana in Glee
Santana/any female character in Glee
Borgakh the Steel Heart/any female character in Elder Scrolls V
Sapphire/any female character in Elder Scrolls V
Female Ranma/Kuno from Ranma 1/2
Male Ranma/Ryoga from Ranma 1/2
Legolas/Haldir from Lord of the Rings
Aragorn/Boromir (sexually, not romantically) from Lord of the Rings
Anamaria/Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean
Any Disney princesses with each other
(There are probably a ton more, but I can't think of them right now.)

Whew, what a list. Despite all that, I'm really not that picky. Believe me! I will be happy with anything you create!

Have a epic, fun, enjoyable, crazy time creating! Much love!
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